Fun Coffee Facts: On average, a coffee tree produces 1-2 pounds of coffee beans per year.

Products & Processing

Only the finest Arabica coffees are chosen to ensure maximum flavor. Then:

  1. The beans are roasted and immediately ground to ensure maximum freshness
  2. The fresh ground coffee goes through our exclusive extraction process, ensuring that only the highest quality coffee solids are obtained without the addition of any harsh solids or oils.
  3. The coffee solids are closely monitored to achieve the perfect level of soluble solids necessary to ensure 100% consistency.
  4. The finished 'concentrate' is then packaged without the addition of any artificial flavors, preservatives, extenders, or additives in a sterile environment by automatic filling equipment.

To ensure the very highest coffee flavor profile and maximum aroma, products are best used within 180 days of production. We currently recommend and label our products with a 6 month shelf life at room temperature. Production dates are stamped on each BIB (Bag in box). Our products require no refrigeration and should be stored at room temperature.

Do not keep at temperatures below 50°F for extended periods and do not refrigerate or freeze product.

Enjoy our refreshing coffee today!