Fun Coffee Facts: Coffee increases in volume during roasting by 18.60%.

Our History

It's time to spill the beans about LCI

Liquid Coffee, INC. has been serving the coffee industry since 1995. All coffee extraction and processing are done at our plant in Saint Augustine, Florida. Our company was one of the first to introduce shelf stable coffee concentrates without preservatives and chemicals in the food service market. Our master processor, having over 30 years of experience in the coffee business has developed a highly specialized liquid roast coffee formula used exclusively by our company. Our liquid roast coffee is processed from the finest premium beans. It is roasted, blended, and ground to exacting specifications in order to ensure a delicious fresh brewed flavor cup after cup. A simple taste test will demonstrate the superiority of our fine coffee concentrate. Call us for samples!

LCI believes in setting the highest standards to deliver the best tasting liquid coffee concentrate. Having customer satisfaction and service is priority one...together we can help in building your own successful coffee program.

Enjoy our refreshing coffee today!