Fun Coffee Facts: On average, a coffee tree produces 1-2 pounds of coffee beans per year.

Business Opportunities

Each day, Americans consume millions of cups of coffee. The coffee industry is a huge market and getting larger each year. With the increase of liquid coffee concentrates throughout the world, this has created an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to become coffee distributors. Let us show you why so many companies are switching to a more proven system that is faster, easier and more economical. With our products and programs, there is a great opportunity to show companies how to improve on their operational efficiency and increase profits by using liquid coffee concentrates. We have the knowledge and products that can make your business successful and profitable. We offer competitive pricing and private label programs. Together we can open opportunities for your own coffee business. For more information, samples and sales assistance, please give us a call.

Our Coffee Concentrate is great for Restaurants, Hotels, Offices, Convenience Stores, Military Branches, Institutions, Motels, Cruise Liners, Hospitals, Airlines, Caterers, Car Dealerships, Banks, Cafeterias, Casinos,  Nursing Homes and more.

Liquid coffee concentrate is not just for a hot cup of coffee anymore. There are so many products out there that would call for using a COFFEE CONCENTRATE EXTRACT. Let us help you expand your business and profit margin!

Liquid Coffee concentrate not only makes a delicious cup of coffee but our coffee extract can also be added for flavoring many products such as: Ice cream, toppings, milk drinks and shakes, candy, ice coffee drinks, cake mixes, muffins, smoothie blends, puddings, baked goods, frostings, fillings, energy drinks, and more! Each year, food service companies are introducing more and more products that are made with Liquid Coffee extracts. We can package our concentrate to your specifications.

Enjoy our refreshing coffee today!